Movie Review: Sicko

Sicko graphicAn important and masterful critique of the U.S. health system, Sicko takes us from horror tales of our current system to a tour of countries with free national national health care systems, and conversations with their citizens. It is a masterful unmasking of the propaganda of the U.S. health industry and mainstream media.

Portland warming rally good start, but…

Portland, Oregon As I approached Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland, I was unsure of what I would encounter at the Global Warming Rally, which was one of 1300 actions around the country sponsored by a group call Step it Up. I suspected it would be one more lame event of the kind which the… Continue reading Portland warming rally good start, but…

Review: Choke on My Heart

Choke on my Heart event Hilarious amateur theater Some of us actually prefer amateur performances in intimate spaces to the slick professional variety being marketed around town. Toy Boat Productions Choke on my Heart was a delightfully funny series of nine short one-act plays at the COHO theater in Northwest Portland. I must add the… Continue reading Review: Choke on My Heart

Movie Review: Pan’s Labyrinth

This film is one of those incredible European fantasies which is so much more than a mere fantasy. Set in Spain at the end of World War II, it is a multi-layered political and moral parable which takes place both in the faerie-land realm of young Ofelia (Ivana Baquero), and the parallel world of Franco’s brutal fascism.