Another reason to leave your cell at home

This is scary stuff if you’re any sort of activist. Sure, they say it’s opt-in, but there are always ways around that. As a public person, I don’t mind people finding my address or phone number (unless they’re advertisers), but individuals tracking my exact whereabouts? I don’t think so. The Raw Story | Google offers… Continue reading Another reason to leave your cell at home

Support free speech in academia – no to firing Ward Chuchill

The University of Colorado, with its right wing president, is set to fire Ward Churchill. It is time to stand up for free speech in the academy, and to stop the witch hunt against left wing professors.

Read the following article from Common Dreams, and my letter to Patricia Hayes, Chair of the Board of Regents. Then send your own letter.

The Lethal Media Silence on Kent State’s Smoking Guns

The 1970 killings by National Guardsmen of four students during a peaceful anti-war demonstration at Kent State University have now been shown to be cold-blooded, premeditated official murder. But the definitive proof of this monumental historic reality is not, apparently, worthy of significant analysis or comment in today’s mainstream media.