and in those days
we sought enlitenment
that low calorie cool
whip of knowledge,
flagellating one another’s
bourgeois backsides
before the cameras
of the six oclock news
until the pain became
too much to bear

now we spend our days
baring our pain on the internet
watching Fox News
gotcha choppers
sky cams hovering
over half naked starlets
thinking about when
we were the actors
if we’d only been smarter then

the american way

oh say can you see through the rockets red glare, through the bombs bursting in air, through your patriots cold stare all the dead children lying there? all the little osamas fair? here on the ramparts i stand here in this holiest holy land just another american man with my automatic weapon in hand here… Continue reading the american way

window shopping

see the pretty lights says the pretty little girl see the pretty things mama         in the window skips on by         I am too young to be         unemployed at christmas         too old to find a job        … Continue reading window shopping

no strings attached

outside my window spider dances on her invisible thread as I search for the strings         of information which make sense of this world but unlike the spider I intrude these strings are not mine though I know what lies         at their end I enter the letters of… Continue reading no strings attached

waiting for the max

she leans against a post waiting for the downtown train puffs her cigarette in short nervous bursts pushes a web of blonde hair from her once-pretty addiction-pocked face pale blue eyes darting furtively seek some escape brush mine for the briefest encounter I feel her wet tears against my cheekbone taste their salt on my… Continue reading waiting for the max

to the poet

our words matter I know you may think this goes without saying but you would be wrong it must be said again and again         our words matter                 they are testament to this collateral damage         that is us not to… Continue reading to the poet