Keep Oregon Historical Society budget intact

Lack of access to our state’s historical documents diminishes us. Not only writers and historians suffer, but everyone who reads, or goes to school, or needs to be informed about the world prior to us. In other words, everyone. The Oregon Historical Society is scheduled to reopen on April 2nd with drastically curtailed hours: one… Continue reading Keep Oregon Historical Society budget intact

A simple issue of fairness

Portland, Oregon

I could care less about the Rose Parade, and this year even more so with the blatant militarization of the parade, which will include 16 military units and a tank, for chrissake. So the issue of “reserving” a spot with duct tape might seem to be trivial. But I have always had a little voice that says, “this isn’t right” when I witness a basic social unfairness. It probably has to do with being bullied as a child.

Portland warming rally good start, but…

Portland, Oregon As I approached Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland, I was unsure of what I would encounter at the Global Warming Rally, which was one of 1300 actions around the country sponsored by a group call Step it Up. I suspected it would be one more lame event of the kind which the… Continue reading Portland warming rally good start, but…

Global warming rally, April 14

Website: Face It Oregon what: rally in downtown Portland when: 1-3 pm saturday, april 14 where: terry schrunk plaza, sw 3rd and madison, portland why: because we are the solution Over the past six months a veritable avalanche of information and publicity has brought the issue of global warming to the forefront of public awareness… Continue reading Global warming rally, April 14