and in those days
we sought enlitenment
that low calorie cool
whip of knowledge,
flagellating one another’s
bourgeois backsides
before the cameras
of the six oclock news
until the pain became
too much to bear

now we spend our days
baring our pain on the internet
watching Fox News
gotcha choppers
sky cams hovering
over half naked starlets
thinking about when
we were the actors
if we’d only been smarter then

Editors to be guests of the October VIP reading

Wednesday, October 25
NW Library Branch, 23rd
and NW Thurman, 7-8 PM.
Duane Poncy and Patricia McLean.
Duane Poncy and Patricia McLean are poets, activists, performers, and co-founders and publishers of The Habit of Rainy Nights Press, whose first offering was “Raising our Voices– An Anthology of Oregon Poets Against the War.”
Duane, a citizen of […]

i dreamed cousin Evo came down

I dreamed cousin Evo came down from the mountains carrying a single red rose clasped firmly in his fist and beside him walked the ghost of Che and the ghost of El Libertador    and the ghosts of the children    of the mothers       of the disappeared and behind those came the spirits of the vanquished gods… Continue reading i dreamed cousin Evo came down

A good show at Valentine’s

Roadside Bomb performed at Valentine’s in Portland last night (our regular second Thursday show), and we were particularly pleased with the performance. We deejayed some of our recorded pieces between poets, which gave the evening a much more dynamic quality. This will probably be our MO in the future. Hopefully, we will also attract some… Continue reading A good show at Valentine’s