Blogging Cascadia – our new news site

I have been working on a new news feed for literature, arts, environment, and progressive politics in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been frustrated with the difficulty of finding good blog and news sources by northwest bloggers. Cascadia, for those who don’t know, refers to the Cascadia bio-region, which includes everything from the Siskiyous to southern… Continue reading Blogging Cascadia – our new news site

Elohi gadugi finally back after webserver move

For the past several weeks we have been moving our website over to a new server. It has been relatively painless, but there’s been a lot of tweaking and trimming. The Germaine Truth, our multi-blog fiction project is now completely under it’s own seperate domain, with its own navigation bar at the top of the… Continue reading Elohi gadugi finally back after webserver move

Elohi Gadugi Internet Radio to launch soon

We are currently on the air, but in testing mode, which means sporadic stops and starts. Beginning in mid-January, we will be webcasting from 3 to 11 pm, Sunday through Friday with original programming, and original music, as well as the best of the Creative Commons, public domain, and progressive public service programming, including lectures, speeches and the Berkeley Groks Science show.