Support the Employee Free Choice Act

One of the most important labor reforms to emerge in years is The Employee Free Choice Act. The Employee Free Choice Act (H.B. 800) was recently passed in the House of Representatives by a comfortable margin. The action is now in the Senate where S. 1041 will soon be up for a vote. All Oregon progressives should get behind this bill, which will give workers more freedom to form unions, and negotiate a fair contract.

Thoughts on Mayday 2007 – no borders

Portland, Oregon Besides being International Workers’ Day, Mayday is also the 8th anniversary of my marriage to PattyJo. She didn’t get the day off, so I will be our sole representative at this afternoon’s big Mayday march here in Portland. This has been an annual event for us since our first one in 2001. Over… Continue reading Thoughts on Mayday 2007 – no borders