Keep Oregon Historical Society budget intact

Lack of access to our state’s historical documents diminishes us. Not only writers and historians suffer, but everyone who reads, or goes to school, or needs to be informed about the world prior to us. In other words, everyone. The Oregon Historical Society is scheduled to reopen on April 2nd with drastically curtailed hours: one… Continue reading Keep Oregon Historical Society budget intact

Review of 1491 by Charles Mann

This is the first comprehensive look at the people of the pre-Columbian Americas. I found the style to be very accessible and entertaining, and the book full of new information for this reader. Mann’s work here is considered to be “revisionist” in that he challenges many of the orthodoxies of anthropology and history in regard to Indigenous people. As an outsider to these disciplines –he is a journalist– he is able to filter both the new findings and the old prejudices with a more objective eye than most inside observers.