Another reason to leave your cell at home

This is scary stuff if you’re any sort of activist. Sure, they say it’s opt-in, but there are always ways around that. As a public person, I don’t mind people finding my address or phone number (unless they’re advertisers), but individuals tracking my exact whereabouts? I don’t think so.

The Raw Story | Google offers free software to track people

the masters have decided

I haven’t posted any poems here for a while. Here’s one for you.

I haven’t posted any poems here for a while. Here’s one for you.

The Masters Have Decided

the masters have decided
that we are too soft in the middle
that our fat-clogged arteries
lack the stamina to keep the blood flowing
to keep the heart pumping
to keep the dollars rolling
click click ching

the masters have decided
that we must toughen up
stop sucking at our mammy’s tit
suck in that gut
carry that rifle, buck that bale
say thank you please
click click ching

the masters have decided
we have all been bad children
go to your room, stand in the corner
no more habeaus corpus for you, sonny
no more health care until
you learn to eat your carbon and lead
now say thank you sir
click click ching

©2007, duane poncy
creative commons license

Support the people of Oaxaca

Portland, Oregon

At least six people have been killed in the last few days in Oaxaca, including U.S. independent journalist Brad Will. For months now, the mostly poor, indigenous people of Oaxaca have been resisting police oppression and demanding the resignation of Oaxaca Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. Despite over 6000 soldiers and police amassed in and around Oaxaca City, the non-violent resistance continues, with the real possibility of a bloodbath in the next days.

You can help prevent violence by calling the Mexican Consulate in Portland, or by attending demonstration there:

Tuesday, October 31st from 4-6pm
Mexican Consulate (1234 SW Morrison St, Portland)

Call the consulate all week at (503) 274-1442. Demand:

* An end to the Federal Police invasion of Oaxaca. Portland supports the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO).

* A full and complete investigation by Mexican authorities into Oaxaca State Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz’s continued use of plain-clothed municipal police as a political paramilitary force.

***More actions may be announced***
Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)
and Cross Border Labor Organizing Council (CBLOC)
311 N. Ivy St., Portland, Oregon 97227
Tel: 503-236-7916 Cell: 971-227-3527
PCASC website