Missing in Action

Pattyjo and I have been neglecting our blogging for some time now, due to a number of projects consuming our time. Besides promoting The Eye of the Moon, we are both working on new novels. Mine is a sci-fi thriller, and hers is a novelization of a The Germaine Truth storyline.

If that weren’t enough, we will also be redesigning our website over the next few months. Stay tuned.

New look for Elohi Gadugi Journal

We decided we wanted a new look for Elohi Gadugi Journal that was clean and simple. Our new layout is based on a WordPress theme by Harry Rutherford called “Macaws.” We moved the columns around and put in our new graphics. Let us know what you think. We would love to have some feedback.

Elohi gadugi finally back after webserver move

For the past several weeks we have been moving our website over to a new server. It has been relatively painless, but there’s been a lot of tweaking and trimming. The Germaine Truth, our multi-blog fiction project is now completely under it’s own seperate domain, with its own navigation bar at the top of the… Continue reading Elohi gadugi finally back after webserver move