Review: Choke on My Heart

Choke on my Heart


Hilarious amateur theater

Some of us actually prefer amateur performances in intimate spaces to the slick professional variety being marketed around town. Toy Boat Productions Choke on my Heart was a delightfully funny series of nine short one-act plays at the COHO theater in Northwest Portland.

I must add the disclaimer here that my daughter, Jade Fenton, was the director of one of those shorts, so there may be a slight bit of bias here. But PattyJo and I found ourselves laughing ourselves silly at nearly all of the scenes, except perhaps for the one serious piece which was quite moving.

The last piece, in particular, had us roaring. Aaron Ross, who also wrote and directed the play, is an extremely funny man, and a very competent actor.

The other particularly fine piece was Bukowski, Dad and Me, written by P.L. Carrico. This was the more serious piece I mentioned, which consisted of a monologue performed by Rachel Voorhies, who did a fine job, and had the audience in tears.

Some of the plays were quite raunchy, and this kind of amateur theater is not for everyone. But we insist on celebrating the raw creativity that bubbles up from the community cauldron. Raw or not, it beats the hell out of Campbell’s Soup.

I almost forgot to mention, it was also a benefit for Planned Parenthood. A good cause.

My rating: 4.0 stars