Blogging Cascadia – our new news site

I have been working on a new news feed for literature, arts, environment, and progressive politics in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been frustrated with the difficulty of finding good blog and news sources by northwest bloggers. Cascadia, for those who don’t know, refers to the Cascadia bio-region, which includes everything from the Siskiyous to southern British Columbia. There is a lot of good stuff coming from here, and my goal is to produce some consolidated feeds.

We’ve also included some feeds from Indian Country that aren’t necessarily tied to the northwest. You can subscribe to feeds by category, so if you’re only interested in arts and literature, you can limit your feed to bloggers who write about these subjects.

We haven’t gone public yet, but you can check us out at Blogging Cascadia.

All the pretty little horses

photo by Duane Poncy
photo by Duane Poncy
We live in the old Irvington neighborhood of Portland, where most of the houses were built near the turn of the last century. Embedded in the concrete curb, in front of each house is a small iron hoop about three inches in diameter. Patty and I decided some time ago that the most likely purpose of these rings was to tie up a horse. One should remember that as late as the 1930s, a large number of people still rode horses as a primary mode of transportation.

horse 2Sometime several months ago, some enterprising artist came along, and tied up little plastic horses to the hoops all along the street. Most, if not all of the horses along our side of the street still stand there, hitched to their rings.

I have no idea who did this, or the purpose they had in mind. But it was a great idea because it caused us to think about these objects, the rings, and their historical purpose. A kind of living history lesson.