Demand a fair exchange for bailout

Wall Street is about to fleece America —again. Citizens should be loudly demanding that any bailout benefit the taxpayers who will be saddle with the trillion dollar debt. Here are some good solutions:

Bernie Sanders: The Middle Class Must Not Be Forced to Bail Out Wall Street Greed

Chris Hedges: Fleecing What’s Left of the Treasury

Kucinich: No ‘cash for trash,’ give taxpayers a stake in bailout



and in those days
we sought enlitenment
that low calorie cool
whip of knowledge,
flagellating one another’s
bourgeois backsides
before the cameras
of the six oclock news
until the pain became
too much to bear

now we spend our days
baring our pain on the internet
watching Fox News
gotcha choppers
sky cams hovering
over half naked starlets
thinking about when
we were the actors
if we’d only been smarter then

The Corn Mother

Tsalagi Red in the Corn FieldSelu, The Corn Mother shed seven drops of her blood and from the spots where the blood fell grew seven stalks of corn to feed the people.

Then came the white Europeans, who took Selu’s corn and used it to feed their cattle and make plastic and sweeteners, while the people went hungry. Now they have decided to use it to feed their SUVs.