Global warming rally, April 14

Website: Face It Oregon

what: rally in downtown Portland
when: 1-3 pm saturday, april 14
where: terry schrunk plaza, sw 3rd and madison, portland
why: because we are the solution

Over the past six months a veritable avalanche of information and publicity has brought the issue of global warming to the forefront of public awareness and discourse in the United States. From the covers of Vanity Fair and Time to the Oscar-awarding winning success of An Inconvenient Truth, global warming seems to be the issue that everyone is talking about. On Saturday, April 14th, a rally will be held in downtown Portland calling on Oregon’s legislators and citizens to take action on one of the most challenging issues currently facing Oregonians, global warming.

The Rally will be held from 1-3 pm at Terry Schrunk Plaza on SW 3rd and Madison in downtown Portland in conjunction with the “The National Day of Climate Action,” which will include over 1,100 demonstrations in each of the 50 states. The Face it. We are the Solution to Global Warming Rally will feature speakers ranging from politicians to community activists to young people and music from local artists. In addition to being able to join hundreds of others in a pledge to measure and reduce their global warming footprint, participants at the rally will have the opportunity to record video messages that will be delivered to Oregon policy makers.
        -from Face It Oregon website.

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