Push Polling in P-town

Well, the push pollers are at it again. Patty Jo became a recipient of the latest sleaze survey last night, and she was so pissed off, she hung up before finding out who the target was.

The caller asked her about her voting choices in a number of recent ballot measures, all of them right wing initiatives, including the “Takings” initiative and the anti-gay marriage measure.

Then came the tip-off question: “If you found out the following statements about a candidate were true, would you be more likely or less likely to vote for that candidate?”

This means the most vicious kinds of lies are about to follow. Whether or not you believe them is beside the point, because the purpose is to plant them in your mind as possibly true.

This is the point where Patty hung up.

I almost wish she hadn’t. This is the worst kind of campaign abuse, and if I knew which candidate was behind it, they certainly would never get my vote. Ever. Under any circumstances.