No more band-aids

Out for a morning walk, I saw a flyer stapled to a utility pole, offering opportunities of work to provide “Health Care for Children.” As someone who has flirted with reformist politics in the past, I was surprise at the strength of my antipathy toward that poster.

Now, I believe children should have health care. But I also believe that the elderly should have health care, and those of us inbetween. As a man in my fifties without insurance, I have empathy with anyone who is doing without. It’s a crime. Literally!

But I have come to believe that these kinds of incremental reforms are effectively scams. Oh, sure, the people who organize them are often sincere and hard-working –and clueless. They pit the old against the young, and, in the end, none of us get what we need.

For several years now I have had a similar resentment against the perennial beggars of taxes for the schools (or social services or jails or whatever.) As the rich get bigger and bigger tax breaks, the reformers demand that we continue to be enablers for this gigantic rip-off.

I say it’s time to stop this approach. The system is broke folks. Big time. It’s time to say no to anything short of fundamental and revolutionary reform.

Yes, support education and health care, but not through a system that funnels our money to criminals. In the meantime, how about free schools and free clinics? Where are all of the idealistic doctors and teachers? The system as it is does not deserve our support any longer.