no strings attached

outside my window
spider dances
on her invisible thread
as I search
for the strings
        of information
which make sense of this world
but unlike the spider
I intrude
these strings are not mine
though I know what lies
        at their end

I enter the letters of the string
and each letter itself
is a string of ones
        and zeroes
of electronic gates
which allow current
to pass or not
like the synapses
        the images
on the cortex of the brain
I click a button
which is not a button
but yet another string
        the physicist says
that all is string
not the numerical string
of the mathematician
but a symphony
of invisible strands
one electron to another
across the vastness
of time and space

and yet always
at the end of my search
the lure of the casual encounter
the dancing spider
        come to me
        she beckons
no strings attached

© 2005, duane poncy